Dec 10, 2010

Julian Assange's rape charges

I was going to write a post about the need to take the rape allegations against Julian Assange seriously, no matter what you think of WikiLeaks, but Jaclyn Freeman at the American Prospect has done it much better than I could, so read this instead.

But in a nutshell: we have to take seriously and fight against all forms of nonconsensual sex, no matter how famous the accused is, how much we agree with his/her politics, or how well he/she knew the accuser. It may be true that the Swedes' pursuit of this case is politically motivated - but we should take ALL rape accusations as seriously as the Swedes are taking this one, rather than taking this one as un-seriously as we take most others. (n.b. I don't agree with Wolf's take-away message but I think she makes important points about the way most rape accusations are treated around the world.)

Update: check this out for a humorous/infuriating take on the situation.

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